Catalogue Of EL Panel Mask

Catalogue Of EL Panel Mask
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Catalogue Of EL Panel Mask


This light mask use electronic luminescent technology, and there are mainly two types: el wire mask and el panel mask.

This catalogue is about EL panel mask.

The front light panel is EL foil, powered by AAA, AA, or cellbatteries, drived by a mini el inverter, fixed by magic sticker.  The logo is custom available, and the shape is also custom available.


There are four types of el panel masks:

- EL face mask  (hide face)

- EL eye mask (hide eyes)

- EL head mask  (hide forehead)

- Full size el mask (hide face & eye & forehead)


There are two types of inverter:

Sound actived inverter (for el face mask, el eye mask, full size el mask)

On/off/flash inverter (for el eye mask)


- Where to use

These el light masks can be used in night clubs, bars, parties, holidays, riding bicycles, night walking,... it's very cool.


- Designs

There are more than 50 designs now, and keep increasing all the time.

Designs include animal series, sound actived equalizer, ghost,...


- How to use

Fix the el mask at the back of head by magic sticker (velcro tape).



MOQ is 1set for our stock design.

MOQ is 500sets for custom design.


- Price

Net price for bulk order is $5-15/set based on different qty and designs.


These el masks are very hot saling in EU and US now, contact us to get more details.


Sound Actived EL Masks


- EL Face Masks (2017)

Sound Actived EL Mask


EL Mask


- Full Size EL Masks (2017)

- EL Eye Masks (2017)

- EL Head Masks (2017)

EL Mask


New Designs Of Full Size EL Masks in 2018 - Version#1


EL Panel Mask


New Designs Of Full Size EL Masks in 2018 - Version#2

EL Foil Mask


New Designs Of Full Size EL Masks in 2018 - Version#3

EL Panel Mask


New Designs Of EL Eye Masks in 2018

EL Panel Mask





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