US Style EL X Display

US Style EL X Display
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US Style EL X Display


This is el lighting up X display which can stand up and lighting, with US type X display.
Good advertising option for super market, red wine, night club, makeup ...


Common X display only has unlighting up painting, and common el lighting up poster is unavailable to stand by itself, now we combine this two functions together and get this amazing and impressive advertising product: EL lighting up X display.


The size of display is adjustable and very flexible:

Width goes from 60cm to 80cm.

Height goes from 160cm to 200cm.

That means all sizes inside this range is available, such as 65cm x 185cm, 60cm x 165cm, 80cm x 195cm,...


And it is wind-proof.

Bottom part of X display is made of silver aluminum alloy tube, upon part is made of carbon fiber tube.

Net weight is 1.3kg/pcs for X display, very strong.


Flashing size can be 100%, 70%, 50%, 30%,... custom available, the less lighting size the cheaper price.


Custom animation available.


MOQ is 1set.


Adjustable EL X Poster EL Light Up X Display

EL Light Up X Display EL X Display

Light Up EL X Display

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