EL Inverter A4 Size DC12V

EL Inverter A4 Size DC12V
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EL Inverter A4 Size DC12V


This is plastic frame el inverter.

Driving size: 0-625cm2 (A4 size) el panel (el backlight, el tape, el poster), or

                   0-50m regular el wire, or

                   0-20m high brightness el wire, or

                   0-20m chasing el wire.

Input voltage: DC12V with 5.5/2.1mm DC connector.

Output voltage: 80-150V with female SM2P connector.

Working frequency: 800-2000Hz

Power: 6w

Size: 98mm x 58mm x 37mm

Net weight: 150g/pcs


We also offer DC12V rechargeable polymer lithium battery, more detail please check this link:



EL Inverter A4 Size DC12V


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