Back-lit Fabric Light Box

Back-lit Fabric Light Box
Product Details

Back-lit Fabric Light Box

This led light box use led backlight as lighting, as you could see from pics below there are many led strips at the whole bottom, and use fabric as painting material.


Name: Single-sided Back-lit Fabric Light Box

Thickness: 40mm / 65mm

Width: 2mm

Material: Aluminum

Light Source: LED diffuse reflection lamp

Color: Silver (can be customized)


Product Feature:

1. install and replace pictures with rubber strips, fashionable and simple structure, easy and quick to change pictures, convenient for disassembly;

2.  the design of only 2mm width of aluminum frame makes the pictures present more perfectly;

3. LED backlight mode solves the shading problem of traditional light boxes;

4. high color rendering of LED makes picture clear and bright;

5. size is unrestricted, oversize also can be customized.

Back-lit Fabric Light Box

Back-lit Fabric Light Box

Backlight Fabric Light Box

Backlight Fabric Light Box

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