Super Slim LED Screen

Super Slim LED Screen
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Super Slim LED Screen

This is super thin led screen with only 5mm thickness, various of sizes for optional.


Light colors can be: red, blue, white

Input DC12V

Content update method: USB & infrared

Brightness: 5 levels to choose

Software: professional muti language software, suport BMP, GIF photos.

Play speed: 8 levels to choose


Regular Sizes:

1) Frame Size 206x48x5mm, light size 194x36mm, 12x60points, input DC5-12V, 4W

2) Frame Size 293x45x5mm, light size 281x35mm, 12x96points, input DC5-12V, 6W

3) Frame Size 416x50x5mm, light size 404x37mm, 12x120points, input DC5-12V, 8W

4) Frame Size 500x49x5mm, light size 488x40mm, 12x144points, input DC5-12V, 10W

5) Frame Size 830x93x5mm, light size 830x80mm, 16x160points, input DC5-12V, 12W


Unregular Sizes:

6) Frame Size 230x45x5mm, light size 213x32mm, 12x72points, input DC5-12V, 5W

7) Frame Size 206x32x5mm, light size 194x20mm, 7x60points, input DC5-12V, 3W

8) Frame Size 293x57x5mm, light size 280x48mm, 16x96points, input DC5-12V, 8W

9) Frame Size 415x93x6mm, light size 415x80mm, 16x80points, input DC5-12V, 8W


Super Slim LED Screen


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