Mono Color LED Neon Flex Series

Mono Color LED Neon Flex Series
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Mono Color LED Neon Flex Series


No LED dot, no dark spot.

Continuous and uniform illumination.

Striking and Unique Accent Lighting For building outline.


Lighting colors: red, green, blue, yellow, purple, white, warm white

Frame material: silicone / PVC

Input voltage can be DC12V, DC24V, AC120V, AC220V

Certification: CE, RoHS, UL, PSE, EMC, ETL, GOST

LED Light Source: SMD2835

LED Chip Brand: Epistar (made in Taiwan)

LED qty: 72/96 LEDs/m

Sizes: 6x12mm/9x15mm/10x20mm/15x26m


Model number:  SMD2835-9*15mm-Mono -12V/24V/120V/220V
Color: Red Green Blue White Warm white
Wavelength: 620-630nm 520-530nm 465-475nm 6500K 2700K
Power consumption / meter( Watts / m)-24V 4.75W 7.49W 6.54W 5.47W 5.59W
Power consumption / meter( Watts / m)-230V 6.98W 8.69W 9.30W 8.65W 8.67W
Lumen/M(Flat surface version)--24V 52.09LM/M 134.10LM/M 22.06LM/M 182.30LM/M 226.10LM/M
Lumen/M(Flat surface version)--230V 63.37LM/M 179.50LM/M 26.65LM/M 188.39LM/M 228.69LM/M
LED number / meter Colored LED 72 LEDs per meter for Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink / Voilet , Orange, Purple 
White LED 96 LEDs per meter for mono single color ( Dimming from 0-10V Magnetic Low voltage / DALI )        
Optional Color


Mono Color LED Neon Flex

Mono Color LED Neon Flex

Mono Color LED Neon Flex

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