EL Light Mask

- Where to use

These el light masks are new items in 2016, they can be used in night clubs, bars, parties, holidays, riding bicycles, night walking,... it's very cool.  The logo is custom available, and the shape is also custom available, MOQ is 1set.

- How to use

Put the el light mask on your face or on your eyes, and fix it at the back of head by magic sticker or say velcro tape, easy to use and portable.

- There are two types of EL Light Masks

1) EL Eye Mask

Powered by 2AA common flash inverter

Size is around 19.5cm x 7.5cm

Total 3 designs are available now

2) EL Face Mask

Powered by 2AAA sound actived inverter.

Size is around 20cm x 20cm

Total 4 designs are available now

These el masks are very hot saling in EU and US now, contact us to get more details.

Other 9 new designs of el masks are coming soon!

EL Mask 001.jpg

EL Mask 003.jpg

Eye Mask 001.jpg

Eye Mask 002.jpg

Eye Mask 003.jpg

Sound Reactive Mask 001.jpg