LED Light Box Change Infinite, Eye-catching

Led light box is a new type of signs, past shop shops are hanging plaque, usually for the handwritten on the board, or in the wood board lettering, hanging in the door is a plaque. Led light box is a high-tech signs, the use of led electronic light to make signs bright, at night can also see signs on the word. To achieve the purpose of 24 hours advertising. Led light box can achieve the text or pattern flashing, water, rolling, stacking and other changes in effect, change infinite, to attract the eye.

Led light box using the inscription lettering through the light to make it the formation of luminous characters, hair

The uniformity of the word is determined by the uniformity of the eye. Led light box light source to be stable, to ensure that the bright light of the word, but also the form of flashing words. Led light box better results.

Led light box is led by a chip or diode to achieve light, the general specification is able to achieve the size of the light box. Too large size can not be made with acrylic or stainless steel plate, but need to use Polaroid to do. Led light box can be made of ultra-thin light boxes, crystal light boxes and so on.

Led light box specifications are generally 1 * 1 size, 1 * 2 size, 1 * 0.5 size and so on. Led light box thickness is generally 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and so on.

Led double-sided crystal light box features, the use of crystal acrylic sheet, double-sided design, you can use wire hanging on the wall, the thickness of 12mm, environmental safety and long service life

Led crystal light box crystal material beautiful appearance, ultra-thin light box thickness of only 10mm, energy-saving effect is very good, uniform light, clear picture, easy installation.

Led light box application is very wide, for the studio, exhibition hall, museums, hotels, shopping malls, office hotels, airport subway bus station, as a sign of advertising a very good product. Led light box can be made curved border, shape is very beautiful.

Metal word signs are different kinds of metal through different production methods made of advertising words. In the advertising industry is widely used, it is not easy to corrosion, by the surrounding environment, the advantages of small advantages in the advertising industry is very popular.

Metal word according to the appearance of the general is divided into two kinds of flat words and spherical surface appearance, the use of copper, titanium, stainless steel, metal and other metal materials, after wire saw, welding, grinding and polishing production and shape, Bake and become finished. Metal word production process is generally two categories, one is the domestic technology: three-dimensional side and literally welding and grinding are rough, more common materials, generally applicable to the process is not high signs. The other is the Hong Kong process: thick fabric, the use of wire cutting machine or laser cutting machine cut out the fabric, three-dimensional corner of the welding tight, the overall appearance of fine, generally applicable to the production of the company's image signs and brand store image LOGO. Another metal word can also be gold-plated, so that the metal texture stronger.

LED advertising light box constantly flashing with the stay, effectively improve people's visual impact; improve the advertising unit area utilization, and change the light box and rolling light box advertising effect is self-evident. LED advertising light box set neon lights in one, during the day and night can be uninterrupted flashing, static and dynamic combination of people's attention. All kinds of text, pattern orderly jump, alternating shine, a strong visual impact. To meet the visual perception of the viewer, to promote advertisers to obtain the greatest economic benefits. LED electronic flashing light box will be the future of the advertising industry dynamic light box a shining pearl.