LED Light Box Reliable And Durable, Long Life

LED Light Box in our life in the field of application is very extensive, its common there are waiting booths, shopping malls and so on a large number of people, and its role is generally applied to the advertising industry more, which is the LED Light Box used in the outdoor advertising industry it has what advantages?

Its LED Light Box outdoor advertising audience advantages of the main points are as follows:

First, publicity wide:

Outdoor light box means a wide range of outdoor groups, many advertising media choose Outdoor Lightbox, the eye is its 24-hour publicity effect, and choose led light box, because of its energy saving, long life, save a lot of maintenance time. LED Light Box advertising through the door head, notice (Publicity) column, Vertical bar light box painting the form of display advertising content. Larger than other graphic advertising illustrations, the font is also large, very noticeable.

Second, farsighted strong:

Outdoor LED Lightbox advertising function, is through natural light (daytime), auxiliary lights (Night) two forms, to the outdoor people, long-distance people to convey information. The farsighted effect of advertising works is very strong, which is very helpful to the fast-paced,LED Light Box efficient and hurried people in the modern society. This is its biggest advantage.

Third, the content is wide:

Outdoor LED advertising Lightbox is not restricted by the form of content, mainly because of its large production surface, the use of wood in the market is also more common,LED Light Box at the same time because the form of the screen more, no matter any complex picture, can be easily sprayed out.

Four, the same sex:

Should be, both sex is to assess the life of an ad, led outdoor advertising light box can be rapid development and user popularity, is because it is a variety of forms of advertising.

Led Advertising light box constantly flashing combined to stay, effectively improve the visual impact of people, improve the utilization of the advertising unit area, and change the light box and scrolling lightbox advertising effect is self-evident. LED Advertising light box set the advantages of neon, the day and night can be uninterrupted flashing, movement combined to arouse people's attention. All kinds of words, patterns, orderly jump, alternating, strong visual impact. To meet the visual perception of the viewer,LED Light Box to promote the greatest economic benefits of advertisers. LED Electronic flashing light box will be the future advertising industry dynamic light box of a bright pearl.

1, LED Lightbox using ultra-thin design;

2, the use of high-quality LED light source, long and reliable lightbox durable, long life, maintenance costs are extremely low;

3, diversified design, flexible and changeable flashing mode, more display advertising effect;

4, Low-voltage DC power supply, power, safety, aluminum frame, safety and environmental protection.

Ultra-thin light box: It is a new type of light box which is developed rapidly, and it uses unique light guide plate technology. Use ordinary fluorescent tubes or LEDs as light sources. The product has thin, bright, uniform, provincial characteristics---thin, refers to the thickness of small; light, refers to the light source in the same power conditions bright, evenly,LED Light Box refers to the luminous surface light uniform; Province, refers to the energy-saving, the ultra-thin Lightbox produced by the guide plate than ordinary Lightbox energy saving $number

Using the backlight module formed by light Guide plate, a multi-functional new advertising carrier is made of a variety of outer frame materials, which integrates ultra-thin, stylish, energy-saving, uniform illumination, easy installation and maintenance, and is suitable for any commercial area. The shape has single-sided cards, double-sided cards, arcs and signs and so on.