LED Light Box The Effect Is Really Nice

LED Light Box With the LED industry continues to develop, LED light source as an alternative to the fourth generation of lighting products have entered all walks of life. LED light source in recent years has developed rapidly, more and more stable, the cost is getting lower and lower. Market segmentation is quite obvious, on the advertising light source with LED on the breakdown of many kinds, mainly advertising module, exposed lights, advertising logo light source, advertising light boxes and so on. For the requirements of light-emitting word light source, it is also quite simple, as long as the light source is stable, the brightness enough to allow customers to accept. So relative to the advertising light box light source, I personally think that the relative requirements of higher, for professional customers to do light boxes, you should need to understand some of the expertise in order to improve the product on the progress. Because the light box publicity products more intuitive, how can more through the light box to show the product more real effect, in addition to light box picture material, LED light source performance is also very important.

LED light box has developed rapidly in the past two years, with the use of LED light boxes and promotion, more and more applications. First of all, the most common is the mobile telecommunications industry, the mobile phone stores, shopping malls, subway stations, underground passage and so on. The purpose of the light box is to promote the product, so that a single picture, through the role of light to show more real and bright. Light box is now the main surface material for the soft film, hit out the effect of real good-looking, very high degree of truth. So, if the real picture with a good light source, the effect on the light box greatly reduced. I am in Anhui Hefei LED light source lighting production in the production of eight years, the selection of LED light source has a professional vision, and now on the selection of LED light box light source and the performance of the following points to explain:

First, LED packaging models. The largest LED light box on the market with the light source package type for the patch, the letter K to that. Color temperature 1800-2000K for the golden light, color temperature 3000K for the warm white, color temperature 4000K for the neutral light, the conventional white temperature is generally 5500-6500K, cool white is more than 7000K. Many customers like to use cold white LED light source, is bluish, it seems higher brightness. Too cold light shows the brightness is high, but it looks uncomfortable, much worse authenticity. Cool white to do the exposed light word light source can also be, but do LED light box light source is greatly distorted, the effect is relatively poor. Cool white up to 7500-8500K color temperature can also be. And then as high as 10000-13000K color temperature, it shows obvious blue, not only the brightness of less than light box effect is also much worse. If the white light and the light box is put together, the light box reflects the authenticity of the product and the effect is obviously worse.

Third, color rendering index. Color rendering index, also known as color, refers to the light refers to the light source for the degree of object color, that is, light exposure to the object reflected on the product perception of the degree of realism index, that is, the degree of color fidelity, high color Of the light source of the color reproduction is better, we see the color is closer to the natural color, low color of the light source of the poor reproduction of color, we see the color deviation is also larger. In principle, the artificial light should be the same as the natural light, so that the naked eye can correctly identify the color of things, of course, this depends on the location and purpose of the lighting. General color temperature in the 6000-6500K color temperature means that can be done 80Ra, 80Ra is the lighting products that the best value. Refers to the high light source, made out of the product presented by the light box effect really nice.

Four, lumen value. Which is commonly referred to as the LED light source brightness parameters, generally see the LED product parameters, the LM said the two letters. 2835 current maximum lumen 26-28LM, conventional for the 20-22LM, 24-26LM, 5730 for the 40-45LM, 50-55LM, 55-60LM, these are conventional brightness, different manufacturers can do different parameters, some packaging Manufacturers according to different uses, you can also customize the higher lumen value. The current corresponding to the different lumens is also different. The higher the lumen value, the greater the required current. At present, the LED light box on the market are constant pressure products, in the normal lumen range is relatively stable, if you want to improve the brightness, high lumen value, the current should be increased, this time you need constant pressure constant current stable. At present, the cost of this light source products is relatively high, is the future development trend of LED light source products.