LED Lighting The Lamps Offer Innovative Design For New Spaces

With the incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving lamps have been out of the lighting market, LED lighting and LED lighting lighting the rapid development of the lightning speed swept the world lighting market, LED industry chain so flourish. LED lights continue to improve the brightness, the price gradually decline; HVLEDs and flip-chip LED development of LED lighting new application technology; LED driver power chip continues to introduce new, integrated features more cost-effective, more convenient application; plastic aluminum and high Thermal plastic radiator for the new generation of LED light source and lighting provides a new space for innovative design.

Indoor LED light source and lighting is bound to a wide range of consumer electronics products will be mass production, with blue ocean market. As the traditional lighting and light fixtures reserved for the LED drive power space is very small, so LED lighting and lighting of the lamp drive power must be done very small, drive the power chip requires a high degree of integration of performance to single-chip-based, which requires The entire drive power scheme is not only very simple, but also low cost; application circuit requires less peripheral devices, requiring LED drive power chip + peripheral parts of the total less than 15, or even less than 10. LED power supply circuit using fine small transformers, inductors, low-level electrolytic capacitors, and even power supply circuit does not require electrolytic capacitors, inductors or transformers.

LED drive power main mode

At present, the indoor LED lighting and lighting of the drive power supply switch off constant current isolation and non-isolated drive, high voltage linear constant current drive and several other models, RC RC buck because of their large power consumption and unsafe, not constant current many bad Factors have been eliminated. RC resistance to drive the advantages of step-down drive: the circuit is simple, low cost; its shortcomings: poor grid compatibility, output current is too small, their power consumption is large, unsafe. Advantages: large volume, the production is more complex, the cost is slightly higher. The advantages and disadvantages of the constant current drive are as follows: the performance is stable, the high efficiency, the power grid is strong, the function is easy to expand, the step-up, the buck, the step- High-voltage linear constant current drive advantages: stable performance, easy to automate production, no plug-ins save a lot of labor; its shortcomings: lamp beads utilization is slightly lower, slightly residual frequency ripple. Indoor LED lighting drive the main mode shown in Figure 1.

LED driver single-stage power supply chip requires built-in high voltage MOS tube, line voltage compensation, source drive, overvoltage / overcurrent / over temperature protection, open / short circuit protection LED lighting power supply must be integrated in the single-chip in. Indoor LED lighting and light fixtures limited space to drive the power chip using a single-stage chip, which requires the drive power chip features a high degree of integration, power control functions and a variety of protection functions as much as possible integrated in the chip, drive the power chip Topology design technology must be innovative, and constantly create new models to meet the LED lighting drive technology innovation and development.

2 non-isolated switch constant current drive has become mainstream

Thin plastic aluminum radiator technology and the rise of HVLEDs technology to solve the AC mains high voltage by power conversion lighting LED lamp beads when the internal high-voltage leakage on the human body safety issues, plastic aluminum radiator simple and easy to solve LED light source and lamp internal high voltage and external isolation of the technical difficulties, so the use of simple circuit of the application of non-isolated switch constant current drive power has become a common parity LED lighting and lighting the mainstream power supply program. Non-isolated switch constant current drive power chip after several generations of development and update, now more integrated, the application circuit is more concise, lower application costs, power supply more cost-effective.

With the rapid development of white LED technology, LED lighting is gradually entering the various applications, especially LED luminous efficiency beyond incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED lighting is gradually with its significant energy-saving advantages to expand to the global power consumption of 2 into General lighting field. At present, the global LED market more than 10 billion US dollars, and the average annual growth rate of more than 20% developed a new "green lighting" industry.

At present, in the LED lighting, white LED luminous efficiency, light distribution design, light failure and other issues have been well improved. However, in the LED color rendering index, color temperature and the impact of human visual ability, due to the current InGaNa blue LED chip-based light source to stimulate rare earth garnet yellow phosphor color mixing method is limited, as a general lighting source of white LED Spectrum, color coordinates, the relevant color temperature and color rendering index are difficult to meet the current CIE and China's relevant standards.