LED Night Lamp Beautiful And Practical, Vivid Shape

LED Night Lamp is not used as the main light source in the room. It is usually installed on the wall, used as auxiliary lighting and decoration purposes, installed in the bed, hall, corridor, etc. on the walls or pillars. Focus on the quality of the lamp, in the purchase of the lamp when the first look at the quality of the lamp itself. Shade mainly to see whether the light transmission is appropriate, and the surface of the pattern and color should be echoed with the overall style of the room. Metal corrosion resistance is good, color and gloss are bright and full is an important indicator of quality inspection. Finally, we should pay attention to the use of fire prevention material made of the lamp, so you can prevent the ignition of wallpaper, causing danger.

LED LED Night Lamp, including in turn connected to the color detection module, color classification module, color rendering control module and LED module. Wherein the color detection module is connected with the LED module. The color detection module collects and judges the color information of the leaves and flowers of the potted plants under the white background light emitted by the LED module by using the color sensor; the color classification module sets the color detection module The color display module controls the color of the LED module, and the color classification is determined according to the color classification module, and the color control module is used to control the color of the LED module. One or more of the combinations are presented.

1. Aroma effect: the heat through the light bulb essential oil volatile, with the exception of smell, clean air, decomposition of secondhand smoke, relieve mental stress and other effects,

2. Lighting role: the strength of the second gear and switch files, brightness can be adjusted; daily use of the lights at LED Night Lamps light too strong glare, and more discomfort, and this LED Night Lamp soft, soft water, can Produce a similar moonlight lighting effects, to create a hazy warm lighting environment, help people calm, Enron sleep, you can do walkway lights, saving power.

3. Decorative effect of the process: LED Night Lamp shape diverse, beautiful and practical, vivid shape, the image of cute; shade can be twisted down as decoration or gifts.