LED Tube Light Light Efficiency Is Higher, More Energy Efficient

First, LED Tube Light introduction

LED Tube Light is also commonly known as LED light pipe, LED fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent lamp, the light source using LED as a light body. The traditional fluorescent tube, also known as fluorescent lamps, lamps at both ends of a filament, the lamp filled with trace of argon and thin mercury vapor, the lamp wall coated with phosphor, the two filament between the gas when the conductive ultraviolet light, So that the phosphor emits visible light. Due to containing heavy metal pollutants "mercury", making the scrapped fluorescent tubes on the environment pollution is very serious.

LED light bulbs using light as a light source, light efficiency is higher, more energy efficient, longer life, and more environmentally friendly. Become the current stage instead of fluorescent lamp the best product. LED tube and the traditional fluorescent lamp in the size of the same size, there are T5 tube, T8 tube, T10 tube, the length of 0.6m, 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m.

LED Tube Lights and lanterns and fluorescent lamps, in addition to energy saving and environmental protection, there is a big point is that LED Tube Lights will not be like the traditional lighting, because the relationship between the frequency of work often frequent strobe phenomenon, so the eyes Resulting in damage, LED lighting as a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection lamps, the replacement of traditional lighting range and intensity significantly improved, especially LED bulb and LED fluorescent lamp will be a lot of use for health lighting to a new height.

Light as a measure of modern civilization, many people have more than eight hours a day work in the light spent. In the choice of lamps, comfortable lighting space to improve work efficiency plays a vital factor. From the existing technical point of view, taking into account the high efficiency and high PF value of the isolation drive technology abound, but can do "no flicker, high efficiency and high PF value" is very difficult. Because the traditional IC built-in PFC correction circuit is difficult to achieve "no flicker" lighting needs, and through the external PFC compensation circuit (fill the valley circuit), although it may solve the "strobe" problem, but PF value and efficiency will be significantly reduced , Thus increasing the interference of the power grid and reduce the stability of the lamp.

Among the many LED lighting manufacturers, select and match a highly efficient and stable power supply, not only for their own LED Tube Lights to provide strong support, more of their own manufacturing reputation to provide security. And decided to a good or bad in addition to good design and materials, but also need a highly efficient and stable integrated circuits. The traditional structure of the LED drive power supply, some of the structure in the circuit design is too complex, resulting in a large heat, poor dynamic performance, circuit quality is difficult to control, conversion efficiency is low. DALI-WPS25W series of simple circuit component architecture to maximize the power density utilization, in the case of certification to ensure that the LED drive circuit components required to minimize the number of possible risks Point also to a minimum, which greatly improved the electrical performance and LED lighting efficiency.

A suitable quality product that needs to do some basic test items such as current values, power factor is the basic test. Test for at least 30 minutes to see if there is any change. Oscilloscope monitoring, you can see the clutter and surge conditions. When measuring, in the completely close the LED tube in the actual operation of 30 minutes there is no electricity drop. In addition to withstand voltage shock test. At a temperature of 62 ° C, the temperature rise in an aging oven after 8 hours was 20 ° C due to its high conversion efficiency. The efficiency of the output is DC40V450mA constant current output power, the efficiency of 85% -87%, which in the traditional single-pole PFC circuit design is the "high-efficiency, high efficiency, high PF value of the drive control technology" It is difficult to achieve, and Deli Pu photoelectric frequencyless circuit design greatly simplifies the structure, but also to ensure the high conversion efficiency.