USB Flash Driver Steady Growth Of Business And Business Innovation

In the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile applications and other information technology driven by the strong, the traditional industries and emerging technologies are constantly colliding, the surge in the amount of data intensified business IT in dealing with a large number of concurrent processing and data storage management pressure Speed up the user IOPs linear upgrade, high concurrent query processing, high load balancing and other capabilities. How to effectively meet the business demand for new IT performance, application scalability, concurrent query and business stability, directly determines the steady growth of business and business innovation, but the traditional storage in the response does appear to be gradually weak. The IBM FlashSystem speed cloud, large data analysis, mobile and social systems and applications, for your future business into a strong driving force. IBM FlashSystem is a family of all USB Flash Driver arrays that, in addition to providing a comprehensive set of features, are also used to meet the stringent requirements for enterprise performance, reliability, and cost.

At the same time, the rapid development of the year 2015, USB Flash Driver in the role of the data center more and more diverse, from the server PCIe USB Flash Driver card, storage array is the most suitable for storing heat data USB Flash Driver array, Layer storage of hybrid arrays, and then to the RAID card in the power-down protection USB Flash Driver modules and so on. It is worth mentioning that the whole USB Flash Driver array as a transformative storage technology, is being accepted by more and more customers, USB Flash Driver industry market is facing explosive growth. According to IDC, China's USB Flash Driver market growth rate of about 300% in 2015, 2015-2019 compound annual growth rate of 87.6%, large data and virtualization will be an important driving force for the entire flash market.

As the Internet and cloud service providers as a large frequency of data access, resulting in a larger amount of data for the core components of the USB Flash Driver performance requirements are very high. Just as the last pair of eleven, for such a huge data exchange, the need for high-performance server support the entire network architecture, high-performance high-speed USB Flash Driver applications to help IT architecture to run quickly to meet the high frequency of data access needs , For numerous successful orders to provide protection.

IBM software definition storage combined with USB Flash Driver technology in capacity, speed, energy and other advantages, combined with industry-leading practice, the following difficulties: First, IBM's full flash array can significantly enhance the critical application system response time, so that business users experience From the millisecond to microsecond changes, greatly enhance the IT performance; Second, through the software definition of USB Flash Driver, distributed processing to achieve the integration of USB Flash Driver resources, so that different types of horizontal expansion of the application to provide a flexible shared resource pool, through the software definition Third, through the large data-driven, in the whole channel marketing and other aspects to help customers insight into the data, through the access to the data and digital research and development, to help the future of the enterprise (in the future), the development of storage resources, To upgrade.

In short, with the evolution of IT, enterprise IT needs to meet the business needs of the business environment in the physical environment and virtual environment, which driven the OLTP, low latency and storage IOPs performance requirements continue to improve. From the strategic level of thinking, for the traditional industry, with the Chinese economy into the new normal, the Chinese government has developed the "Internet +" and "Made in China 2025" and other industries to upgrade plans to lead the Chinese economy to create greater glory, towards the world economy Power. As a result of the proliferation of unstructured data, real-time immediacy, the ubiquitousness of mobile devices, the globalization of all things, and the existence of unprecedented urgency of security, the future of new enterprise load will require a new IT infrastructure , Which includes support for data from a storage perspective.

With the flash instead of traditional disk to become the trend, foreign companies have begun to scale the use of USB Flash Driver technology, but the domestic market in the technical awareness, program design, application promotion, and upstream and downstream industry chain construction is still facing many challenges. Flash technology in the Chinese market popularity and landing also need USB Flash Driver manufacturers and ecosystems in the joint efforts of all parties.